Disclaimer Clause
Last Updated on July 3rd, 2019

SUccessforever Inc.  is not an educational institution, university or other accredited entity.  Successforever Inc provides Leadership and informational programs in fields such as entrepreneurship, business and e-commerce, self development, motivational, sales, Coaching, Professional Development, etc.,

Customer of Successforever Inc do not earn credit of any kind nor is any degree given upon completion.  Certificate of Completion are provided for some courses.

These Certificates solely confirms that you may have completed our courses/seminars/workshops/Mastermind, etc., They do not
(i)    establish a relationship between you and any university or other educational institution, or any other training providers or any Franchisees, etc., whatsoever,  

(ii)    qualify you to enroll or register you in any university or other educational institution, or in any course offered by any university or other educational institution, or

(iii)    entitle you to access or use the resources of any university or other educational institution.

(iv)    give you a guarantee of any job placements in any organization.

(v)    provide any guarantee regarding the amount of money its members could or will make, nor any guarantee regarding ability to get or create jobs upon completion of any of these programs.

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